6 Winter Things to do in Paradiski…

(…apart from Skiing & Snowboarding)

Igloo Villages

Paradiski’s Arc 2000

The Igloo Village in Paradiski’s Arc 2000 is the biggest in France.

Inside the Igloo Village is an ice sculpture gallery, bars, a restaurant and a dance floor.

Enjoy a break from skiing at one of the ice bars open from 10.00 to 16.30.  Have a coffee on the terrace whilst soaking up the sun or venture into the giant igloo to enjoy the indoor bar where the chairs are carved in ice.

The restaurant opens between 19:00 to 20:30 and is reservation only.  Begin your evening with a glass of mulled wine followed by a delicious Savoyard meal of fondue.

You can even spend the night at the ice hotel, on a bed of ice in a giant igloo.  Rooms can sleep 2 or 4 people.   Sleep in snug sleeping bags at 2000 metres above sea level!

The ice cave gallery contains ice animals, mermaids and other sea creatures carved out of the walls, open from from 10.00 to 16.30.  Adults: 5 euros, Children – 12 years: 4 euros, Children – 6 years: free.

Pedestrians can get to the Igloo Village by taking a brisk snowshoe walk.

Find out more www.village-igloo.fr

Paradiski’s Plagne Soleil

A second Igloo Village is situated in Plagne Soleil where you can simply go for dinner in the restaurant that seats 50, or stay over night too.

After a drink around the fire, you will be served a Savoyard fondue accompanied by mountain charcuterie inside the igloo.  “Grandmothers” famous red wine, dessert and a nightcap is all included.  17.00 to 22:30.

If you stay over night you have the choice of a bed of ice or the hot igloo; a heated panoramic structure with a wood stove and double bed.  Either way you will be delighted with the view of the valley and Mont Blanc, and a beautiful morning sun rise.

For more information visit  www.blacksheep-igloo.com

The Bobsleigh

The 1.5km of the Olympic Bobsleigh run is situated in La Plagne and there are three ways you can hurl yourself down it;

The Bob-Raft is equipped with an auto guide control and automatic brakes and is ideal for families.  It can take 4 people. The Bob-Raft goes around 70-80km!

In the Speed-Luge you can go up to 90km/h.  You will be by yourself, in an almost lying position inside the luge, which is well padded and has autoguide control.

Or you can go with a professional pilot, sitting behind them in the luge with up to two other passangers.  With a professional you can reach up to 120km/h.

Prices (per person, per run): Bob-Raft €41 ; Speed-Luge €107 ; Bob-Racing €115

Vist la-plagne.com for more information or call +33 (0)4 79 09 12 73.

Ice Climbing

From mid December to mid March there are introductory course to glacier climbing on the Champagny ice tower. The ice tower is 22m high and is made of three sections with inclines adapted to different abilities; from the beginner to pro.  Wearing a harness you will use ice axes and crampons (provided) to climb up pure ice in a bid to reach the tower summit.

You can drive to the ice tower, it is situated in the valley of Champagny le Haut at 1500m altitude.  1st Lifts will be happy to take you if we are free, just contact us!

You must be 10 years old or more do the ice climbing.  Courses run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:30.  Please check that the tower is open; it may be closed in adverse weather conditions.

Rates: €38 per person for 2 hours.

For more information visit champagny.com or phone +33 (0)4 79 55 06 55.

Speed Riding/Flying

Speed riding (also known Parapente) is when you ski/snowboard off the mountain with a parachute.  You then literally fly around the area checking out the views of Paradiski and beyond.  You land back on the snow, using your skis/board- hence the reason you should be a good skier/snowboarder.

For more information visit www.speedriding-school.com or +33 (0)6 19 51 39 34


Toboganning is great fun for children and adults alike!  Paradiski has a 4 toboggan runs.

The toboggan run in the Rodéo Park at Arc 2000 is 3km, and you can speed down it all day until the runs close.

There are two areas in La Plagne –  Colorado Park (1.5km) and Eldorado Park (2.9km).

In Mille8 there is a toboggan run with lights and music.


Mille8 is a new area in Paradiski open every day this winter at Les Arcs 1800 until 7.30pm, 8.30pm on Thursdays.

There is a toboggan run, an illuminated and themed discovery trail in the forest, a freestyle snow park, a beginners area and a secure children’s play area. Inside the Aquafun Centre will be a pool, bubbling massage beds, whirlpools, cascades, caves, water games area for children, a wellness centre and a fitness centre.

Walkers and skiers will both be able to access Mille8 via a new 8-person cable car (Télécabine des Villards) from Arc 1800.  Entry to the ski area is included in all ski passes.  Yay!


This page is written for information only.  1st Lifts cannot be liable to any disappointments or wrong prices.