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Compare the biggest ski resorts in the French Alps.

1st Lifts Transfers offers transfers to and from the best skiing regions in the French Alps; Paradiski, Espace Killy and The Three Valleys (Les 3 Vallées).

But how do you know which ski region to make your next holiday destination?

We cover distances from the airport and the altitude of some of the resorts within the regions, where you can stay.

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Courchevel panorama

Paradiski ski region

View Paradiski Piste Map 2016

Paradiski is where 1st Lifts is based (so forgive us for being biased), and is made up of three main resorts: Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry which is now sold under one ski pass, and across the valley is La Plagne, linked by the Vanoise National Express.

Skiing in Les Arcs

Distance from airport to Les Arcs 1800

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 135 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 217 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 235 km
Distance from Geneva airport 214 km

Towns and resorts in the Les Arcs ski area

  • Les Arcs 2000, the very top most village of Les Arcs.
  • Les Arcs 1950, Les Arcs 1800 and Les Arcs 1600; ski resorts at named for their altitudes in metres.
  • Bourg Saint Maurice, 840m. The town is linked to Les Arcs 1600 by a funicular railway.
  • Peisey-Vallandry, 1300-1650m. A cluster of small villages, which include Peisey village, and Plan Peisey where the Vanoise Express connects with La Plagne.
  • Villa Roger, 880m. A quiet secluded village. Shuttle bus to Bourg Saint Maurice.

The highest peak in Les Arcs, which is accessible by lift, is L’Aiguille Rouge (Red Needle) at 3226 metres.

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Skiing in La Plagne

Distance from airport to La Plagne Centre

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 118 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 200 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 235 km
Distance from Geneva airport 197 km

Towns and resorts in the Les Arcs ski area

  • Aime-la-Plagne (consisting of Longefoy, Tessens and Villette).
  • Champagny en Vanoise, 1250m
  • Montchavin la Plagne, 1450m, facing Mont Blanc
  • Plagne Aime 2000 facing Mont Blanc
  • Plagne Centre 1970m, central primary resort. Funiplagne cable car.
  • Plagne Bellecote, 1930m departure point for the Bellecote Glacer.
  • Belle Plagne, 2050m Savoyard style
  • Plagne 1800, 1800m
  • Plagne Village / Soliel 2050m
  • Plagne Montalbert 1350m

The highest peak in La Plagne is the Bellecôte at 3417 m. The highest lift is at 3,250 metres on the Glacier de la Chiaupe.

Paradiski, facts and figures

  • La Plagne and Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry are linked via the Vanoise Express
  • Paradiski is the 2nd largest linked skiable domain in the world
  • 425km of pistes over 14390 hectares
  • 232 pistes for all levels
  • 263 hectares of man made snow
  • 2 equipped glaciers at more than 3000m high
  • 70% of the skiable domain is over 2000m

Espace Killy

Piste map of Espace Killy

Espace Killy consists of Val d’Isere and Tignes, linked by the Tovière gondola. It is named after triple olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy who grew up in Val d’Isère.

Espace Killy is a beautiful region, some of the resorts are well known for the night life.

Skiing in Val d’Isere

Distance from airport to Val d’Isere centre

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 144 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 225 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 219 km
Distance from Geneva airport 223 km

Val d’Isere neighbourhoods

  • Le Fornet
  • Laisinant
  • Val d’Isère Centre (Rond-point des pistes) 1850m
  • La Legettaz, Le Joseray, Le Châtelard
    A quieter group of hamlets close to Val d’Isere Centre. Access Val centre by bus or a 15 minute walk.
  • La Daille 1785m

The highest peak in Val d’Isere is 3355m. The top ski station is just below the Pointe du Montet, which is at 3428m.

It is possible to ski on the Glacier du Pissaillas in June and July.

Skiing in Tignes

Distance from airport to Lac de Tignes

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 142 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 224 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 218 km
Distance from Genève International 221 km

The resort, commonly known as Tignes consists of:

  • Tignes Les Brevieres, bottom of the dam 1550m
  • Tignes 1800m
  • Lavachet, traquility
  • Lac de Tignes, the heart at 2100m
  • Val Claret, cosmopolitan parties

The highest peak in Tignes is 3656m, La Grande Motte and the highest lift, up to the Glacier is 3456m. It is possible to ski on the Glacier from June to August.

Espace Killy, facts and figures

The Three Valleys (Les 3 Vallées)

Three Valleys Piste Map 2017

The Three Valleys is the worlds largest ski area, made up of 8 resorts; Courchevel, La Tania, Meribel, Brides les Bains, Les Menuires, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val Thoren and Orelle.

Skiing in Courchevel

Distance from airport to Courchevel Village

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 93.2 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 189 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 183 km
Distance from Genève International 186 km

The first of the Three Valleys is Saint Bon, which is better known as Courchevel. There are five resorts:

  • Saint Bon, 1100m. Known as the birth place of Courchevel.
  • Courchevel le Praz, 1300m. An authentic mountain village with traditional houses.
  • Courchevel Village, 1550m. Has direct access to Courchevel 1850.
  • Courchevel Moriond, 1650m.
  • Courchevel, 1850m. The rich and famous flock to this most exclusive level.

Skiing in Méribel

Distance from airport to Méribel

Distance from Chambéry-Savoie 93.7 km
Distance from Grenoble Saint Geoirs 183 km
Distance from Lyon Saint Exupéry 177 km
Distance from Genève International 184 km

The second valley is Les Allues Valley, more commonly known as Meribel, and consists of:

  • Méribel at 1500m
  • Méribel-Mottcret at 1700m
  • The spa resort of Brides les Bain at 600m

Mont du Vallon is the highest skiing point in Méribel, reaching  2952m. It offers an exceptional panoramic view over the Gébrolaz glacier and Grand Casse.

Between the first and the second valleys lies La Pierriere, where La Tania sits at 1300m, connecting Chourevel and Méribel.

Belleville Valley

The Belleville Valley is the biggest of the three. There are three main resorts here:

  • St Martin de Bellville, at 1400m
  • Les Menuires at 1850m
  • Val Thoren at 2300m

Not forgetting Orielle, in the Maurienne Valley that sits at 900m, opening up the southern slopes and giving access to the very summit of the three valleys – Le Pointe du Bouchet at 3400m.

The highest peak in the Belleville Valley is Pointe de Thorens at 3266 m, accessible from Val Thoren.

The Three Valleys, facts and figures

  • 600km of pistes accessible on skis
  • 328 downhill skiing pistes
  • 1,512 hectares of maintained pistes
  • 62,000 total difference in height
  • 166 ski lifts
  • More than 2,100 snow canons
  • 35,000 hectares of nature
  • 105km2 (or 10,500 hectares) of skiable area